Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yup, I'm still here!

Ok so I sort of forgot that I had this blog. LoL. But I'm really going to try and keep up with it from now on. In the spirit of new posting, I give you:

My ever expanding belly! Enjoy.

9 weeks 3 days

14 weeks 5 days

16 weeks 1 day

19 weeks

And my latest one, 22 weeks 3 days.

Lily sure is getting big in there! I need Logan to take a new pic soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're home!

Well Abigail and I are home from our trip. We went to Canada to visit my mom for a 5 days. Abigail was really great most of the time, thank goodness. Only a few tantrums. LoL. She loved playing with all her cousins and she loved seeing her granny. They adore each other.

I'm still unpacking and doing laundry. I'm just soooooo tired.

This weekend we are going scuba diving on Saturday. Abigail LOVES going out on Papa's boat. It's a gorgeous Catamaran and even has a bathroom. Some friends of ours are coming too and they have two little girls ages 10 and 13. They are fantastic with Abigail and she loves them so it should be a fun day.

Then on Sunday night we get to go see BON JOVI!!!! My friend Marsha is a huge fan (as am I) so we are dragging our husbands and making it a double date. LoL. I can't wait.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a quick update

Hi all!
Haven't posted in a while but I do have some new things going on. We signed Abigail up for swimming lessons. She starts the morning of May 2nd.

Also on My 2nd (afternoon) Logan and I have our very first appointment with Dr. Weldon, a reproductive specialist. It's definitely time we seek professional help to try and have another baby. We've been trying on our own for 2 years this month. I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll be able to help us as he came highly recommened from my Ob/Gyn. Our fingers are crossed, anyway.

A week from today Abigail and I are flying up to Canada to see my mom. I'm a bit (ok, a LOT) nervous since this is the first plane trip we'll be taking without Logan. I hope we do Ok. LoL.

So there's my update. Hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Come and spend the day with us!

I got this idea from my friend Tiburon. She (as well as some other great gals) did "A Day In Their Life". So here ya go!

View this montage created at One True Media
A day with the Williamsons

Monday, March 31, 2008

My Birthday and fishing and Salvador Dali! Oh my!

Life has been hectic so I haven't posted in a little while. But I do have some things to share, so here I am!

The 27th was my Birthday! The big 3-1. WoW. I'm "in" my thirties now. LoL. Anyway, Logan got me a Blackberry and I LOVE it! I'm still trying to figure out how it all works of course (cus I'm technically challenged LoL) but it's great. The night of my Birthday, Logan's mom and dad kept the baby so we could go out for a nice romantic dinner by ourselves. We went to Charley's Steakhouse which is FANTASTIC! I could exist on their salad alone, I swear. But the flourless chocolate cake is also to die for. It's one of my very favorite places to eat and we had a wonderful night.

Logan took this pic, please excuse the messy closet. I had just stood up from looking for my shoes when he said "Smile!!"

The love of my life :)

Outside the restaurant.

I had a great birthday!

On Saturday, Logan,me and the baby went fishing with Logan's dad on his boat. The weather was beautiful and Abigail loved the boat. She did get a bit seasick so we ended up coming home earlier than planned but, all in all, it was a really fun day.


Driving the boat with Papa

I love this picture.

Taking a juice break.

Daddy caught a fish!

Then Mommy caught one too!

On Sunday Abigail spent the day with Nana and Papa, and Logan and I went to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. It was awesome!!! I knew some of his work of course, but it was really neat to take the museum tour and learn about him. We bought some very cool prints in the giftshop, including a boxed one of "The Rose" which I am completely in love with. Logan was excited that he found prints of "The Hallucinogenic Toreador" and "Soft Watch At Moment Of First Explosion", two of his very favorite works from Dali.

On the way home we stopped for a bite to eat at The Crab Shack, which is the VERY best place to have garlic butter crab claws and smoked Mullet spread. It looks like a really seedy dive from the outside (when Logan first brought me there I thought he was completely nuts. Until I tasted the food, of course) but the seafood is amazing. We try to stop there whenever we go over to St. Pete.

So that's my update! Today I have nothing planned except to clean, clean, clean! Thanks for reading, everyone!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our WalMart experience

Ok so first here's a bit of a back story. Logan's Grandma has a bit of a shopping addiction. She LOVES ordering from HSN and catalogues and all that and she LOVES WalMart. Anyway, she decided to clean out some of her things and gave us this giant bag of unopened DVDs. Some of them were really good ones and we kept those, but she told us that if there were any we didn't want to take them back to WalMart and we could keep the money/store credit. It was very generous of her, so last night we went to WalMart. We ended up taking back 26 unopened DVDs. Well, apparently WM will not give a refund or store credit without a reciept for DVDs/CDs, so all they offered us was an exchange. It was something like $202.00 worth. A refund would have been nicer but hey, we weren't going to turn it down. We decided to get a few new releases and some Disney ones for Abigail. I was really excited when they had the original "Annie", since that was my very favorite movie when I was little and I wanted to get it for Abigail. And also that new movie "Enchanted" which I hadn't seen but wanted to. So I picked those two and we got a whole bunch of other ones. Logan had to take the DVDs to the customer service counter and I was buying a few things so I took Abigail with me to the regular checkout. I met Logan at the door and I asked him if the DVDs we chose came to the right price for the exchange. He said it was really close but he had to put two of them back. You'll never guess which ones he put back. Annie and Enchanted! What are the odds that the only 2 movies that I actually WANTED were the ones on the bottom of the pile and that we used up our amount before they got to be rung up? Seriously. Logan felt awful and even offered to buy me the two movies but I said no, that would be petty of me, right? Right? So we came home without them. I'm bummed.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lets go fly a kite!

Yesterday we wanted to take Abigail to the beach, but it was sooooo windy I knew it wouldn't be great swimming conditions with the waves crashing and everything. So we decided instead of swimming we'd bring our kites. Logan is like a big kid with his kites. We had two and there's a really cool kite shop at St. John's Pass so we ended up buying three new one, including Abigail's very first kite. She picked a Dora the Explorer one, of course. The weather was perfect for kite-flying and we had a blast. Here's a few pictures:

Abigail flying her kite all by herself

Look how high it is!

My new butterfly kite

My new butterlfy, plus a rocket ship one we already had and that one that's REALLY far away is Logan's new kite. It's got an 8 foot wingspan.

Abigail decided the tail from the rocketship was fun all on it's own.

so she took it

and ran

She was pretty much all sandy when it was time to go, so we stopped for a cold apple juice and also bought her a cute new sundress and shoes to wear home so she'd be more comfortable. I gave her a quick babywipe bath in the bathroom when I changed her diaper. LoL. So she was all cool and comfy with her drink.

Posing with the pirate outside one of the boardwalk shops.

Thanks for looking!

On a not quite so cheerful note, Abigail has an appointment at the pedi this afternoon. She's had a chest cough that has lasted a week. I called the pedi last week and they told me to give her a decongestant, make sure she's drinking lots of fluids, and to use a humidifier in her room at night and if it didn't clear up by the weekend to bring her in. Well, we did all those things and it hasn't gotten any better so I'm taking her in today. She doesn't have a runny nose or a fever or anything like that, just this rattly phleghmy cough. Hopefully they can tell us what to do next.

I also made an appointment to get her Easter portraits taken on Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers she'll wear the sweet little hat I bought her that matches her outfit. Even if she only wears it for a few pics, that would be great. I'll post the pics when I get them.

Well that's all for today :o)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So sad this morning

I am so sad this morning. My mama flew home :( She was here with us for 3 months and I just got so used to seeing her every day, spending time with her and talking to her. Abigail just ADORES her Granny and now she's on an airplane as I type this. I won't see her again until May at the earliest and I'm just heartbroken. She's everywhere I look in my house. I can't even bear to go into the spare bedroom because it smells like her. Ya know, when I got married and moved to Florida, I knew I was going to miss everyone back home. And I do. But my mama and I are extremely super close and she's the one I miss the most. She usually comes to stay with us for a few months in the winter, then again for a few weeks in July for Abigail's birthday. And I'm usually pretty good when she leaves, I'm usually the strong one and she's the one that bawls at the airport. But it seems like I just cannot stop crying this morning. And what makes it worse is Abigail keeps asking "Where's my Granny?" It's breaking my heart. Abigail and I are going to fly up there in May to surprise her for Mother's Day, but right now that just seems like a long time away. I just need hugs right now. *sniffle*

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My poor little chickie

Abigail is not feeling good. She woke up yesterday with a cough and runny nose and also had a bout of diarreah that I hope does not come back. As a result, we're dealing with extreme crankiness. She's not too interested in eating so I'm really just making sure she drinks plenty of fluids and is comfortable. Tom & Jerry are my lifesavers at the moment. It's the only thing that keeps her happy for more than 2 minutes. I'm not letting her watch hours of it all day of course, but 20 minutes here and there is brilliant. It keeps her happy and helps me to de-stress. I really hate feeling so helpless, knowing that she's not herself and I can't do anything to help her. Poor wee chickie, it's breaking my heart.

She's just not herself...

Last night my mama offered to babysit so we could have one last date night before she flies home on Thursday. So Logan and I went out for dinner and to the movies to see The Bank Job. I love me some Jason Statham! I have a weakness for Brit guys anyway (it's the accent, gets me every time *wink*) and this movie was just full of cute ones! It was a great action movie, based on a true story and kept you on the edge of your seat. I loved it.