Thursday, March 13, 2008

So sad this morning

I am so sad this morning. My mama flew home :( She was here with us for 3 months and I just got so used to seeing her every day, spending time with her and talking to her. Abigail just ADORES her Granny and now she's on an airplane as I type this. I won't see her again until May at the earliest and I'm just heartbroken. She's everywhere I look in my house. I can't even bear to go into the spare bedroom because it smells like her. Ya know, when I got married and moved to Florida, I knew I was going to miss everyone back home. And I do. But my mama and I are extremely super close and she's the one I miss the most. She usually comes to stay with us for a few months in the winter, then again for a few weeks in July for Abigail's birthday. And I'm usually pretty good when she leaves, I'm usually the strong one and she's the one that bawls at the airport. But it seems like I just cannot stop crying this morning. And what makes it worse is Abigail keeps asking "Where's my Granny?" It's breaking my heart. Abigail and I are going to fly up there in May to surprise her for Mother's Day, but right now that just seems like a long time away. I just need hugs right now. *sniffle*

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