Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just a quick update

Hi all!
Haven't posted in a while but I do have some new things going on. We signed Abigail up for swimming lessons. She starts the morning of May 2nd.

Also on My 2nd (afternoon) Logan and I have our very first appointment with Dr. Weldon, a reproductive specialist. It's definitely time we seek professional help to try and have another baby. We've been trying on our own for 2 years this month. I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll be able to help us as he came highly recommened from my Ob/Gyn. Our fingers are crossed, anyway.

A week from today Abigail and I are flying up to Canada to see my mom. I'm a bit (ok, a LOT) nervous since this is the first plane trip we'll be taking without Logan. I hope we do Ok. LoL.

So there's my update. Hope everyone is doing well!


Adam's Mom said...

May 2 is a good day - my birthday! I'll wish you and Logan good luck at your appointment.

have fun visiting Canada - wish it was Vancouver

Tiburon said...

I am keeping everything crossed for you! Have a great trip too :)