Monday, March 17, 2008

Lets go fly a kite!

Yesterday we wanted to take Abigail to the beach, but it was sooooo windy I knew it wouldn't be great swimming conditions with the waves crashing and everything. So we decided instead of swimming we'd bring our kites. Logan is like a big kid with his kites. We had two and there's a really cool kite shop at St. John's Pass so we ended up buying three new one, including Abigail's very first kite. She picked a Dora the Explorer one, of course. The weather was perfect for kite-flying and we had a blast. Here's a few pictures:

Abigail flying her kite all by herself

Look how high it is!

My new butterfly kite

My new butterlfy, plus a rocket ship one we already had and that one that's REALLY far away is Logan's new kite. It's got an 8 foot wingspan.

Abigail decided the tail from the rocketship was fun all on it's own.

so she took it

and ran

She was pretty much all sandy when it was time to go, so we stopped for a cold apple juice and also bought her a cute new sundress and shoes to wear home so she'd be more comfortable. I gave her a quick babywipe bath in the bathroom when I changed her diaper. LoL. So she was all cool and comfy with her drink.

Posing with the pirate outside one of the boardwalk shops.

Thanks for looking!

On a not quite so cheerful note, Abigail has an appointment at the pedi this afternoon. She's had a chest cough that has lasted a week. I called the pedi last week and they told me to give her a decongestant, make sure she's drinking lots of fluids, and to use a humidifier in her room at night and if it didn't clear up by the weekend to bring her in. Well, we did all those things and it hasn't gotten any better so I'm taking her in today. She doesn't have a runny nose or a fever or anything like that, just this rattly phleghmy cough. Hopefully they can tell us what to do next.

I also made an appointment to get her Easter portraits taken on Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers she'll wear the sweet little hat I bought her that matches her outfit. Even if she only wears it for a few pics, that would be great. I'll post the pics when I get them.

Well that's all for today :o)


Kendra said...

Looks so fun!!

Dani said...

Great kite pictures!