Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our WalMart experience

Ok so first here's a bit of a back story. Logan's Grandma has a bit of a shopping addiction. She LOVES ordering from HSN and catalogues and all that and she LOVES WalMart. Anyway, she decided to clean out some of her things and gave us this giant bag of unopened DVDs. Some of them were really good ones and we kept those, but she told us that if there were any we didn't want to take them back to WalMart and we could keep the money/store credit. It was very generous of her, so last night we went to WalMart. We ended up taking back 26 unopened DVDs. Well, apparently WM will not give a refund or store credit without a reciept for DVDs/CDs, so all they offered us was an exchange. It was something like $202.00 worth. A refund would have been nicer but hey, we weren't going to turn it down. We decided to get a few new releases and some Disney ones for Abigail. I was really excited when they had the original "Annie", since that was my very favorite movie when I was little and I wanted to get it for Abigail. And also that new movie "Enchanted" which I hadn't seen but wanted to. So I picked those two and we got a whole bunch of other ones. Logan had to take the DVDs to the customer service counter and I was buying a few things so I took Abigail with me to the regular checkout. I met Logan at the door and I asked him if the DVDs we chose came to the right price for the exchange. He said it was really close but he had to put two of them back. You'll never guess which ones he put back. Annie and Enchanted! What are the odds that the only 2 movies that I actually WANTED were the ones on the bottom of the pile and that we used up our amount before they got to be rung up? Seriously. Logan felt awful and even offered to buy me the two movies but I said no, that would be petty of me, right? Right? So we came home without them. I'm bummed.

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Adam's Mom said...

Shawn would have returned them too - no guns, no blood LOL